How do I have to contact a callboy?

In order to get in touch with one of our callboy, visit  callboy-verzeichnis.com. On this website, you will find the contact data of all our escort men. Get easily in contact  with your preferred gigolo by phone, Whatsapp/SMS or email.

Is the first contact already a binding commitment?

No, it is not. The contacted callboy answers you and there will only be further actions if you want to.

What can I expect by my callboy?

Your callboy guarantees you absolute discretion. He only gets in touch with you if you expressly wish that. He takes care for your wishes, needs, and desires.

To what extent does CALLBOY-MONACO.COM differ from a traditional escort agency?

An advantage of our service is the possibility to get in touch directly with your preferred callboy. Because of the fact that you arrange everything with your callboy, there will be no agency costs.

What are the fees for a high-grade callboy?

The callboy charges € 300 – 350 for the first two hours and € for any further. The fee for all the night through is about € 1000. You ususally hand over an open envelope to your escort man at the beginning of your meeting.

If I have questions or if I am uncertain about something, who should I contact?

For more information and to answer your questions please get in touch with me by email: mail@callboy-verzeichnis.com